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[DC] INXS – Shine Like It Does – The Anthology (1979-1997) – CD Duplo [2001]

INXS – Shine Like It Does – The Anthology (1979-1997) – CD Duplo [2001]

Lista das músicas

CD 1
01.Simple Simon
02.We Are The Vegetables
03.Just Keep Walking
04.The Loved One
05.Stay Young
06.The One Thing
07.Don’t Change
08.To Look At You [Single Edit]
09.Here Comes II
10.Black And White [Extended Version]
11.Original Sin
12.I Send A Message
13.Burn For You [Single Remix]
14.Dancing On The Jetty
15.This Time
16.What You Need
17.Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
18.Listen Like Thieves
19.Shine Like It Does
20.Different World [7' Mix]
21.Good Times

CD 2
01.Need You Tonight [Single Edit]
02.Devil Inside [Australian Single Edit]
03.New Sensation
04.Never Tear Us Apart
07.Suicide Blonde [7' Mix]
09.Bitter Tears
10.The Stairs [Live]
11.Heaven Sent
12.Not Enough Time [Barelana LP Fade]
13.Taste It
14.Beautiful Girl [Mendelsahn Mix]
15.The Gift
16.Please (You Got That…)
17.The Strangest Party (These Are the Times)
18.Elegantly Wasted [Radio Edit]
19.Let It Ride
20.Don’t Lose Your Head
21.Searching [Leadstation Radio Edit]

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